Summer madness

Festival of street theater and new circus in Krajinka.


20.00 On the eve of the main program, we will dance the marquee together.

The legendary band comes to life performed by great musicians in our circus marquee.

SIDEMEN (ft. Ema)

Young band from Karlovy Vary led by singer Emma. You will hear music from timeless classics to modern radio shows. Genres range from blues, jazz, through rock’n’roll to contemporary pop.

Entrance fee 150 CZK for adults, 100 CZK for children, students and seniors


Presentation of children from the suburban camp organized by the Cheb Museum and KC Svoboda.

· 16:00 LES CLOWN – SacraCircus
A crazy show where you can see the famous clown passages of the world’s biggest circuses of the 19th and 20th centuries, from Medrano to Olympic to Knie, in one arena. Together, let’s bring to light the great, almost forgotten, clown repertoire, which consisted of clowns like Fratellini, Cairoli, Bario, Dario, Averino, Antonio, Footit, Chocolate, Beby, Rhum. Pipo, Zavatta, Bebé, Antonett and many others.

· 17.00 – 18.30
Arena for fooling around – fooling around will be everywhere, where there is a taste for good mood, humor and joy. Juggling, balancing, ground and hanging acrobatics basics and much more.

A poetic new circus performance for the little ones will take you on a magical cosmic journey through the stars. But beware of ill-advised wishes. The guardian of the starry sky, the Astrologer, will not tolerate such a wish being made without consequences.

And what happens when little Nadia flies out of her mouth in anger? The Astrologer sends Nadia a Star from the night sky that grants every such wish.

A crazy journey through planets and galaxies awaits Nadia. He will experience danger, overcome pitfalls and discover the power of friendship. And only a good heart will eventually help her get back home.

The theatrical performance combines new circus disciplines such as aerial acrobatics, riding a unicycle or hooping with spoken word and poetry.

· 20.00 HOTEL LAPUTA – Airgym Art Company
When I was young, I had three big dreams: To earn a lot of money, to marry a beautiful girl, and to visit Hotel Laputa. The first two didn’t work for me…

If you are ascending for your desire, you must open all the doors and look in all the windows. And where are there more windows and doors than in Hotel Laputa?

Acrobats from the AirGym Art Company, directed by Ondřej Holba, will perform top-notch hanging acrobatics, which you already know and which you have never seen before. A unique evening between heaven and earth. A fantastic world of artists who are not afraid to fly.

· 21.30 RECOMBINATION – Blackout Paradox
The fiery grotesque, Recombination, is about the genius professor XY’s quest to control the laws of nature and create better and more perfect beings than humanity itself. However, his experiment gets out of hand and becomes a disaster for him and his “children”. Expect a humorous performance with lots of fire and pyrotechnic effects, an overzealous scientist and a smoldering mechanical being.

(Genetic) Recombination is the name for various changes in DNA consisting of splitting it and connecting it to another chain, which gives rise to new characteristics of organisms.

Entrance fee from 8:00 p.m.: 150 CZK adults, 100 CZK children, students and seniors


· 14.00 Circusarium – Toy Machine Theatre
Please note that the world’s smallest animal circus variety show is coming to your city. This circus is unique in that there are no people performing in it, but the program is composed entirely of animal pieces. Don’t miss our circus because it doesn’t have to be repeated, every show is original. We invite small and large, thick and thin!

The Cirkusárium puppet show is created in honor of nomadic puppeteers who traveled far and wide with their puppets. They created trick puppets that were able to amaze many a foreign audience with their movements and tricks. You will be able to see similar trick principles in our circus performance. Furthermore, the Cirlusarium is dedicated to all endangered animal species and we would like to appeal to the uniqueness and irreplaceability of every animal on this planet.

· 15.00 – 16.30
Arena for fooling around – fooling around will be everywhere, where there is a taste for good mood, humor and joy. Juggling, balancing, ground and hanging acrobatics basics and much more.

· 15.00 – 19.00 Nomadic game room
A trailer full of games, nostalgia, fun, jokes and laughter for young and old, who will rejuvenate with lightning speed.
Come turn the handle and catch a few eggs, down a few beers and fight for the pub’s heart or hit it hard with a hammer and find out if you’re “a fighter” or just a big bad. Come and wander around the house with us while the whole world revolves around you or sweeten the children’s life and give them whatever they can fit. Fish for pearls from the bottom of the sea, try to swim past a giant cuttlefish, or try to successfully sail through a whale cove and bring the cargo safely to port. You can make a “fair deal” with the sailor Pája or just stamp your arm or breast and get a great tattoo that everyone will envy :-)))

· 16.30 ABSURDITES – Kozel in a Tailcoat
fast paced comic short absurd and slightly crazy dramas from everyday life, from dreams, but also from fantasy. A perfect pantomime performed by enthusiastic actors of the professional theater troupe Kozel ve Frak.

· 17.30 BANANA – TUTOCirk
Andy Warhol transformed advertising into art. And then he built a salable article from the art. Warhol’s famous signature style, defined by his fascination with consumer culture, showcases everyday objects, such as the banana on the famous 1967 “Velvet Underground & Nico” album cover, to symbolize the rise of mass production and distribution.

That’s why we too take an ordinary banana, both in its physical form and as an absurd symbol of being overwhelmed by advertising in public space and a means of communication with the viewer.

Thanks to the possibilities of new circus means of expression such as balance, ground and aerial acrobatics, we put life in the city within its limits in the production. We examine classic technical disciplines in the context of the city and its possibilities, using physical theater to get closer to the viewer.

Banana questions what it means to be a city dweller, explores the human experience of being in public space, and laughs at itself.

· 6.30 p.m. IT MAY WORK OUT – Kitten of Doom
The Kitten of Doom emissary has the most difficult task of all. This time it is not the Earth that needs to be saved, but the Kitten itself. In the gallows term, can he find a suitable method to pull the boss out of his darkest thoughts? Will it work when the boss is an over 4 billion year old space being? And will it make it to the birthday party? This is what you will find out in the theatre-circus comedy about motivation overcoming all limits. There will be pink and dark humor, acrobatics, mask play, woodcuttering and much more!

· 20.00 FLY – Variety show
Why should we fly when we can “go crazy”? A light-hearted evening full of attempts to overcome the gravity that weighs us down. Nothing is as difficult as unfulfilled dreams…

A unique project created for our festival. It is a premiere and a finale at the same time. You can look forward to the performances of leading acrobats, jugglers, mimes, clowns and much more.

Entrance fee from 8:00 p.m.: 150 CZK adults, 100 CZK children, students and seniors